Executive Pastor


Pastor lee and bailey skidmore

Pastor Lee and Bailey have such a strong passion for serving God and serving others. They have been in ministry for 8 years. They have two beautiful boys Jude and Leland. Their mission is create a culture where YOU BELONG!


Connections Pastor

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bruce and alicia stewart

Bruce and Alicia have been working in the ministry since they were students in Pastor Donnie and Sabra’s youth ministry. They have been on staff here at The Chapel since its inception in 2016. Bruce and Alicia‘s passion for Connections comes from there desire to assure each person has an enjoyable worship experience so they may experience Gods presence like never before. Our goal is to connect people through relationships here at The Chapel. We want to see each person who walks in our doors find a place where they can be an effective part of what we do here at The Chapel. Alicia all so serves as Nursery Director. Bruce and Alicia have two beautiful little girls, Olivia and Aubrey, who love to be at church with Mommy and Daddy.

Events Pastor

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bobby and jackie berry

Anytime The Chapel hosts an event, rather it be a dinner after service, Pastor Appreciation, or our annual Fall Festival you can bet Pastors Bobby and Jackie were there to coordinate. You will see them and their team partnering with our outreach team as well as the different ministries to assist them in any event that is planned. Jackie and Bobby have been on staff with The Chapel since 2016. 



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Jaylan and Shawna Windam-Murray

Jaylan and Shawna serve as The Chapel Young Adults Pastors. Often times within the church once a youth graduates high school they are no longer considered youth age. They feel left alone without knowing where they fit into the church. Here at The Chapel, our Young Adults Ministry helps our adults ages 18-35 assimilate into our church. You will see Jaylan and Shawna working close to our youth ministry as well as our other ministries to help our young adults build relationships within our church. Pastor Jaylan serves as our Media Director as well.

Childrens Pastor


Brandon and Chenoa Rodgers

Here at The Chapel we believe we are raising up the next generation of great faith leaders! Brandon and Chenoa do an excellent job teaching our children about the Bible and what it means to be a Christ follower at such a young age. You will see Brandon and Chenoa teaching our children with excitement and enthusiasm every Sunday morning!